IPO: Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd (Subscription Open: 11.09.11, Close: 15.09.11) ** Zahintex Industries Ltd (Subscription Open: 18.09.11, Close: 22.09.11) *** AB Bank first Mutual Fund (Subscription Open: 25.09.11, Close: 29.09.11)****Bangladesh Shipping Corporation - RPO (Subscription Open: 09.10.11, Close: 13.10.11)*****First Bangladesh Fixed Income Fund (Subscription Open: 16.10.11, Close: 20.10.11) Right Share:*Federal Insurance Company Ltd(Subscription Period 05.09.2011 to 03.10.2011) Ratio of Rights Issue 2R : 1, Issue Price BDT 10;** International Leasing & Financial Services Ltd(Subscription Period 06.09.2011 to 02.10.2011) Ratio of Rights Issue 1R : 1, Issue Price BDT 100;*** United Airways (BD) Ltd (Subscription Period 22.09.2011 to 13.10.2011) Ratio of Rights Issue 1R : 1,Issue Price BDT 15;****Bank Asia Ltd(Subscription Period 12.10.2011 to 10.11.2011) Ratio of Rights Issue 1R : 4, Issue Price BDT 100;*****Lafarge Surma Cement Ltd (Subscription Period 19.10.2011 to 13.11.2011) Ratio of Rights Issue 1R : 1, Issue Price BDT 100, Record date : 03.10.2011;******Premier Leasing & Finance Ltd (Subscription Period 26.10.2011 to 22.11.2011) Ratio of Rights Issue 1R : 1, Issue Price BDT 100, Record date : 10.10.2011;

IPO Approved By SEC

Reliance Insurance Mutual Fund

Name of the Fund
Reliance Insurance Mutual Fund
Scheme Name
Reliance One
Nature of the fund
Close-end Balanced Growth Scheme with
initial tenure of 10 years.
To achieve capital appreciation as well as earn
dividend and interest income and build up
April 20, 2011
Subscription Opens
May 15, 2011

Subscription Closes
May 22, 2011

For Non-Resident

May 15, 2011 to May 31, 2011.

Offer Price
Tk. 10.00 per unit

Face Value
Tk. 10.00 per unit
Market Lot
500 units

Sponsor’s Portion
11,000,000 Units

Pre IPO Placement Portion
16,500,000 Units

Public offer
27,500,000 Units

Size of the fund in units

Size of the fund in Amount
Tk. 550,000,000.00

Issue Date of the Prospectus
April 20, 2011

Asset Manger
AIMS of Bangladesh Limited

Reliance Insurance Limited

Bangladesh General Insurance Company

BRAC Bank Limited


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